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Boston Marathon Runners

Words cannot accurately and truly express the horror and sadness that I felt when I first heard of the twin bombs that hit the Boston Marathon. I was on the treadmill and finishing my last quarter-mile lap of a 6.5 mile run when the news coverage of the bomb hit me with a sense of disbelief. My racing heart of a 10-minute mile pace almost stopped as I watched what appeared before me. I’m struck by this senseless violence. As an avid runner, I know what it meant for runners to participate in one of the world’s six best-known World Marathon Majors racing events and for their family and friends to attend to show their support.  This race epitomizes normal people doing extraordinary feats – all for a common goal for community building and charity. Join me and Broadwave as our united hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with those who are affected by this tragedy and the survivors as they begin the healing process. Join us in a moment of silence to show solidarity with the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. We are dedicating this article to the Boston runners, the survivors, and the tragic loss of three lives cut short by an unbelievable, incomprehensible act of terror and senselessness.

The tragedy that unfolded after the Boston Marathon bombing shows signs of solidarity, hope, and peace amidst outpourings of grief and mourning – simply beautiful expressions of shared humanity coming from all corners of the world. News and coverage everywhere – in every media, from TV, to radio, to social media like Facebook and Twitter – continue to show the tremendous, heart-felt support for everyone who has been affected.  How can this not pull emotions? There has been a great outpouring of support that continues to touch so many lives and pull so many heartstrings – not only in Boston, but across the US and the world. These outpourings are so inspirational that I’ll let the following calls for action and display of determination and dedication show for themselves.

Runners and non-runners worldwide are pledging to run in support of Boston 2013 Marathoners and in honor of the three precious lives that were lost. They are checking in from around the world – Canada, UK, Germany, Guam, to name a few. They are running for Boston. They are running for unity. They are running for the last 1.4 miles in remembrance and dedication. They are running to continue the tradition of the true intent of such race – to support a special cause. They are running for Martin Richard, 8, of Dorchester, Massachusetts; Krystle Campbell, 29, of Arlington, Massachusetts; and Lü Lingzi, 23, of Shenyang, Liaoning. They are running to keep on running. What better way to show support and to mourn than to run?

“Run For Boston 4/17″ Facebook page, with a growing number of likes and supporters, encourages people to run in support of Boston and allows participants to post pictures. A collection of these images will then be published as a coffee-table book for everyone to purchase, and multiple volumes of all the images will be given to the Boston Marathon organizers. There are many other Facebook pages that fans have set up to offer their support and expression of love and solidarity.

People are also showing their support online, tweeting with hashtag #runforboston.  #Handsoverhearts announces that Virgin London Marathon runners will cross the finish line with “hands over their hearts”. Twitter donated its top Promoted Trend spot to #OneBoston to highlight and show case the messages of hope that are being sent out and updated across the network as people show their support.Tweeters are sending the deepest support and informing followers of the latest as the tragedy unfolds.

Brands are also doing their part. Everyone – every brand, every human being – can learn a few things from the show of support, understanding, and love. Everywhere on Twitter we see brands such as Southwest, JetBlue Airways, and American Airlines showing their understanding and support by accommodating affected travelers. Let’s not forget how quickly Google developed a Boston version of its Person Finder tool after news broke of the tragedy with their tweets of “Let your friends & family know you’re OK or locate your loved ones w/ Person Finder for the Boston explosions:”.  The New York Times tweeted that they’re providing unlimited access to and mobile apps until 12:01 a.m. ET 4/16/13. NHL tweeted the postponement of 4/15 game between the NHL Buffalo Sabres and Boston Bruins. There are many more brands showing solidarity and support in wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.  Some brands are even turning off or canceling their scheduled tweets and suspending any additional posts to avoid unintentionally promoting an insensitive gesture. Instead, they are either offering support or going silent.

People are also organizing running events or contributing to other events. Movin Shoes are organizing a run to encourage people to join with runners across the nation this Monday, April 22, 2013, with a “Runners for Boston” run/walk to support those affected by the recent Boston Marathon bombings. A “One Fund Boston” – #OneBoston hashtag – is set up to accept donations to help the people most affected by the bombings. The Houston Astros are doing their part to honor the lives lost by observing a moment of silence prior to Friday night’s game against the Cleveland Indians. Yankee fans’ support to honor Boston and the victims with the unofficial Red Sox anthem, “Sweet Caroline” During their six-game homestand, running through Wednesday, they are accepting donations of essential items.

The Boston Marathon tragedy will no doubt continue to affect all of us. Run for Boston and keep on running in remembrance of the three precious lives lost. Please continue to spread your support and love of Boston, the survivors, and everyone affected.

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