Top 5 Habits Successful People Practice

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When we think about success, whom do we think about?  Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah, Kobe Bryant, Martin Luther King Jr. or Bruce Lee; just to name a few.  The list of successful people is endless.  At times we may find ourselves sitting and marveling at their accomplishments, wonder how they became so successful. Well, true success is more about your accomplishments rather than who you are.  However, take a moment to stop thinking about specific successful people to think about your own personal success.  How can you liken the methods of successful people into your daily life?

Well, let’s take a moment to think about about success.  Success doesn’t make the person; the person makes success.  At the end of the day, successful people are ordinary people who’ve done extraordinary things.  Now, let’s get back to the earlier question.  How can you liken the methods of successful people into your daily life?  Further, what makes people successful and how can we be successful?

Where can we begin to answer that question?  First, let’s consider what successful people do?  Then, once we figure that out we can apply that to our daily lives.   Here is a breakdown of the Top 5 Habits Successful People Practice:

1) Practice Success & Hone Weaknesses:

Practice helps you get your kinks out and leads to Success.  If you don’t spend time on your craft, how can you work on your weaknesses or become successful?  Successful people train at being great.  For example, every off-season, Kobe Bryant trains with a different Hall of Famer to gain strength in his weaknesses.  A couple of seasons ago Kobe Bryant would never post up a big man at the block, but after training with Hakeem Olajuwon he now can easily score off the block.  Kobe found that “posting up at the block” was a weakness, and once he figured that out he gained insight and began practicing.  It is within practice that you learn your weaknesses and can find ways to make them better.

2) Focus on the Vision

To access success, you must spend time on the vision.  Successful people know exactly what they want because they have a vision of it.  Now, success is an arduous process and not something that can happen overnight.  Success is achievable by having a vision. It will help guide you through the struggles while helping you maintain focus on the goal. Without a vision, difficult times may distract you from achieving success.

3) Listen In Order To Ask Tough Questions:

Listening goes hand-in-hand with success.  Successful people are always networking with others.  Thus, they must listen, and through listening they get to ask the tough questions.  If you notice, successful people always gain inspiration from a mentor or source, through which to glean.  Then, they take what they glean and ask the tough questions.  Similar to, “How can I use this to better myself?” Martin Luther King Jr. took Gandhi’s non-violent activist movement and used it in his dream for America

4) Give out of your Abundance:

Do you know the time when Bill Gates actually stepped into another phase of wealth was when he started giving money to charity?  It is true.  His wife and others around him encouraged him to give money to charity from his abundance.  However, for a long time he struggled with the idea of giving up what he truly worked hard for.  Yet, when he conceded he was able to change careers and make money by giving; he and his wife are now successful Philanthropist.  How would you like a job like that.

5) Spend Time On Cultivating The Soul:

You don’t have to honor the Sabbath in order to cultivate your soul.  There are many things you can do.  You can pray, attend church, do yoga and/or meditate.  For instance, many actors meditate.  Actor Orlando Bloom credits meditation as a way to keep himself from destructive paths some other actors’ experience.  Finally, you’ll find that if you cultivate your soul, you gain rest and reduce stress.  Rest in very important to success.  You can’t revitalize if you don’t rest and restore.  Taking the time to cultivate your soul will help to keep you healthy and balanced when stress comes.  Additionally, a cultivated soul gains new perspective and insight.

You now know the top five things to becoming successful.  If you take these things into consideration it might just change you life.

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