5 Branding Tips to Incorporate Social Media and SEO into Your Marketing Roadmap

Topics: Advertising, Branding, Business, Ideas, Inspiration, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Strategy, Success, Web Design By: Jackie Ta

What is branding and how does it fit in with your business image? It’s all about how you fit current technologies into your business roadmap. It means creating a unique name and consistent image for a product, good, or service through advertising campaigns. Its aim is to be a differentiated presence in the market that […]

Denny’s Comedy Creative Ad Campaign w/ David Koechner and Jason Bateman

Topics: Advertising, Branding, Business, Creative, Culture, Ideas, Innovation, Inspiration, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Mobile, Strategy, Web Design By: Dina Gachman

You can still rent out billboard space or bus benches to advertise your business, but gone are the days when you have to solely rely on hand-painted signs saying things like, “Wilson Family General Store: We Have Candy!” Times have changed and the ad game has evolved too. Sure you can still have someone stand […]

Tweet Your Way to Success – How to use Twitter Effectively

Topics: Advertising, Branding, Business, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Mobile, Social Media, Strategy, Success, Technology By: Gregg Jaden

I often hear – “I don’t get twitter” from some of my clients friends and family. I used to “not get it” either, but once you “get it”, you would want to make Twitter part of your daily ritual. How to use Twitter Effectively If you maintain a perspective on why you are using twitter […]

Mobile Strategy | 9 Essentials to Building an Engaging Branded Mobile Site

Topics: Advertising, App Development, Branding, Business, Creative, Design, Ideas, Innovation, Marketing, Mobile, Sales, Strategy, Technology, Web Design By: Jackie Ta

Imagine that you have a great mobile vision for your product and services; so do your competitors. How can you perform just as well as your competitors and even outperform them in sales and consumer engagements? Do you know what it takes to succeed on execution of your mobile vision? Don’t be one of those […]