1) Discovery and Strategy

We realize all Brands needs to be seen, heard and loved. By penetrating your audience’s communities, we learn how to behave like they do. We learn their language, how to interact with them, their primal needs and how we can fulfill these needs. We then move to establishing clear goals, understanding your brand goals and competitors. During the discovery phase our team performs the following tasks: strategy analysis, concept development, database needs analysis, competitive analysis, flow-charting / information architecture, and project scheduling and technology needs assessment.

Consumer Needs Phase

The Power of Why?

Why do we do what we do? Analyzing consumer motivations and behaviors do determine why your consumers buy and understanding the psychology behind the rationality and mentality. We work with Brands to uncover the reasons why a consumer is within reach and how to interact with them more effectively while planting the seeds and nurturing a long-lasting relationship.

Unconscious Needs – Over 90% of consumer behavior is unconscious. Consumers rarely articulate their true motivations, even when asked directly—most people don’t know why they do what they do. An example is uncovering a vision such as iPad. Before it was invented people didn’t even know they wanted it. Apple’s team understood their unconscious human behavior and delivered a solution to them.

Perspective Needs – Sales is a transfer of enthusiasm and emotion is how we perceive a Brand in the eyes of a consumer. Our understanding of these needs reveals insights about your best customers, current challenges, strategies for differentiation, the layers of your competition, and your unique brand identity.
Community Needs – Community needs bond us all. Understanding how we share among our community and ask for opinions about Brands while examining the conversations helps us create credible, dependable communication environments.

2) Design

This is where we take all of our compiled data and start bringing the idea to life. We carefully wireframe, conceptualize, illustrate and provide compelling visuals to gain traction in a direction. From there we move into design mocks for the project and schedule critical milestones among daily tasks. You will start to see the visual representation and inspiration behind our ideas and strategy including Brand personality, Emotional connection, Needs analysis, Community identification, and Target Audience.   The fine details of the real concept are explained.

3) Development

Our Development team only builds in the most flexible platforms and current technologies available such as PHP, JavaScript, Java, C++, Objective C, XHL HTML5, CSS, MySQL, and Apache for the most efficient applications. We will also work with other coding structures.

Our areas of expertise include systems analysis and design, interface design, rapid application development, mobile application development, infrastructure analysis and maintenance, implementation rollout and support, and systems administration.

We simplify navigational technical complexity to solve your problems and see your ideas evolve into long-term working solutions. We have extensive experience in designing and rolling out custom enterprise and web-based solutions as well as providing support, upgrades, and consulting on existing systems. We have served the following market segments and business models: design, startups, cellular providers, communications, sales, resorts, hotel, housing, dealerships, entertainment, professional services, hosting, oilfield, manufacturing, engineering, retail, educational, and non-profits.

Our technical team continually tests the boundaries of frequent technological challenges to deliver scalable solutions. Our ability for identifying backend weaknesses and clarifying strengths for robust architectures has made Broadwave a recognized leader in revolutionary backend technologies.

Broadwave’s technical team has grown. We have hired exceptional people, and we’ve helped people become exceptional in specific areas while ensuring they have the abilities to think critically, communicate accurately and consistently, and understand programming’s fundamentals at an expert level. We hire humble website and software developers who have a passion to code, communicate, and understand the importance of delivering World Class Solutions.

4) Deploy

This is where we bring your Brand personality to life. The final step in the process that ensures marketing initiatives are ready for launch. Now our digital economy allows the new Brand experience to be measured and quantified in real time. After we execute our game-plan style strategy, we constantly test and measure consumer behavior while examining critical data to ensure we capitalize on any opportunities the feedback provides. We ensure effectiveness and synchronization across multiple brand channels, we test, test and test targets while measuring work with metrics. By analyzing the consumer behavior, conversations, engagement, feedback and conversions we are able to anticipate the next generation of products, services to impress upon your customers and gain the loyalty for your Brand.