My Starbucks Reward™ and Customer Loyalty – 9 Tips to Positive Reinforcement

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Do you know that there are many factors that can degrade the health of your customer loyalty program and negatively impact customer experience and loyalty? Your email marketing campaign can also make or break your brand image. An example of this is delivering content at the wrong time during customer’s buying decision or sending a […]

Calgary Flood Aftermath Photos #yycflood #CalgaryFlood (Part 2 Photos)

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A few blocks from our Calgary office, the Roxboro Community was hit hard and most of it completely submersed by the raging waters of the Calgary Flood. It’s an eerie feeling walking through the debris in the Calgary community of Roxboro which borders along the Elbow River where restoration crews will be working through the […]

Calgary Flood Aftermath Photos #yycflood #CalgaryFlood (Part 1 Photos)

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Calgary’s Downtown core especially 4th Street SW near the Elbow River was one of the most affected areas of the flood. Officials predicted that it would likely be without power for days to come. Officials also reported that the Bow River and Elbow River would likely recede over the next 48 hours. Power outages continue […]

Tweet Your Way to Success – How to use Twitter Effectively

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I often hear – “I don’t get twitter” from some of my clients friends and family. I used to “not get it” either, but once you “get it”, you would want to make Twitter part of your daily ritual. How to use Twitter Effectively If you maintain a perspective on why you are using twitter […]

Branding and Business: Packaging your way to 116 locations

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Invest More… Make More $$$. Whether you are a large company or a smaller company, taking your brand to the next level might be as simple as giving your customers a better experience. A decade before I became a marketing exec, I used to work for a major packaging manufacturer where I had the pleasure […]

8 Essential Techniques to Become a Professional Sales Guru

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Have you ever wanted something from someone? Do you know what to say or do to get it? Everyone can get frustrated with the sales process – you, your customer, your prospects, and even onlookers. The key to success is to learn from people who have mastered sales and apply those lessons to your sales […]

Are you too Close to your Brand to see Clearly? 7 Essential Questions

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At Broadwave, we work with many types of verticals and diverse business models that are specifically tailored to our clients’ operations. Most clients run with our concepts and marketing plans while a select few resist it. I always wondered why. Why is there resistance when our team has come up with a killer concept? No […]

Unnatural Links Penalties in Full Force – What to do if you are Affected

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REPORT: Google still penalizing for unnatural links – What to do if you are affected… As you may already know, early this year Google had a mandate to reach out to the sites that might have had a poor link scheme and asked politely that site owners make corrections if they wanted their rankings back. […]