Brain Training – Top Mobile Apps That Get You Thinking

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Brain Training

Whether you are in school are many years graduated, it is always good to keep your brain stimulated. Especially in this age of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and hashtags, it seems like almost everyone has ADD or at least a very short attention span. When was the last time you curled up with a novel and spent two or three hours reading, uninterrupted by phones, email, or the sudden urge to send a genius Tweet? Exactly.

You can force yourself to unplug – a lot of people take social media or technology breaks to refocus and sharpen their mind. If totally unplugging is not realistic for your lifestyle – or if you just really, really need to Tweet – you can try a different method. There are some great brain games that have iPhone or iPad apps that let you tease and work out your mind while you are on the subway or waiting for an appointment or, in true multi-tasking fashion, cooking dinner or watching TV.

So let’s look at a few apps that you can use to get those neurons firing. Or, if you are thinking of creating a brain game of your own, these examples might inspire you.

1. Fit Brains: This one is designed by an award-winning neuroscientist (which many of these games are). Fit Brains helps you keep track of your progress as you play the different games over time, so you know how you’re progressing. The game Uber Brain works on language, memory, concentration, visual-spatial and problem solving skills. The app is free – so no excuses!

Fit Brains Screenshot

Image courtesy of Fit Brains

2. Clockwork Brain by Total Eclipse: This one has great, fun graphics – there’s a robot that is a little reminiscent of C3PO from Star Wars – and it will help sharpen your mind with games and puzzles. The basic app is free, and the Premium level is $2.99. So if you ace the first games and are feeling really Einstein-ish, you can advance to the next level for a few bucks more.

3. Brain Fitness Pro: This one from MindSparkle has been called “Boot camp for the brain” by the New York Times – pretty fancy. It claims to increase IQ, enhance memory, and help with your attention span, which are all important in this fast-paced era. The cost is $3.99  – a little more than free, but still reasonable.

4. Luminosity Brain Trainer: This app lets you get a few free sessions in and then pay if you want to keep going. There are eight different exercises like Speed Match and Raindrops that work out your mind and keep it from going mushy from watching too many episodes of The Bachelor.

5. AmbiScience Brain Power: This one is interesting, and a little bit different. It’s $.99 and made by Tesla Software, whose site says, “We provide the best in Brainwave Entrainment (binaural beats and isochronic tones).” Basically you stimulate your brain through sound and noises that give off calming, relaxing, and/or stimulating pulses. Some people say they use it to study and it helps focus their mind.

6. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox: THUP Games did a great job naming this one – pretty catchy, right? This one is for younger kids so it is about learning new things instead of retaining or stimulating memory. You help monkeys pack their lunch and it involves counting, matching – games that are great for young minds. It is $.99, and there are six educational games for kids age two to five.

So there you have it – six brainteaser apps that will help you sharpen your mind and focus in your day-to-day life.

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