Top 5 Tips to Having the Right Mindset

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“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.” – Norman Vincent Peale

In a related article I talked about creating a brand identity to reflect your true intended image and personality. Today, I want to talk about the type of mindset that will help you to succeed in communicating the right message. What brand personality should you aim for? Here are my suggestions when you’re facing with the below circumstances or having a certain mindset that hinders you from creating the right brand identity:

  1. “I have been dealt a poor hand.” Everyone, at one time or another, had faced this. The difference between those who thrive amidst hugely challenging present and those who don’t is that the thriving individuals believe in the future. These individuals see opportunities in the hand they’ve been dealt with. They don’t blame others for having the low cards. They read and observe other players’ hand to determine the best next step. They have a can do attitude that differentiates them. The next time you have the inclination to say something like, “I can’t,” or “I don’t know how,” or “It’s their fault,” think how these mental fences prevent you from solving your present issue, overcoming your next challenge, or exploring other opportunities. You can’t control the cards that you are dealt with, but you certainly can control how you play them. Remember you don’t have to have a good hand to be successful. You have to have the right mental mindset to turn a bad hand into an opportunity. How else would you meet the demands of the future if you couldn’t even deal with that of the present?
  2. “It’s all because of the bad economy.” Observe how other players deal with a bad hand. Take the lead of individuals or companies that saw opportunities during trying times where others saw risks. Take for example, the Great Depression era and J.P. Morgan’s actions in response to it. J.P. Morgan bought some insolvent New York banks and partnered with Andrew Carnegie in their pursuit to reshape the nation’s future by investing in major infrastructure projects. They succeeded because their sense of confidence allowed them to believe in the future despite economic crisis. Don’t let the circumstances of the present moment paralyze you. Great successful, thriving leaders don’t let fear be a disabling emotion nor be their downfall. Remember in time of challenge and crisis, have a sense of confidence and optimism that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. How else would you meet the next challenge and find the next opportunity that could lead to a great discovery?
  3. “The recession is hitting me hard.” Wall Street is showing a rollercoaster of a ride. The news media is reporting depressing news of businesses folding, people under the debts of their homes, people losing their homes or jobs, etc. Fear has possessed Wall Street and news media alike. Everything seems to be going south. So, what can you do? Ignore the headlines and live in a state of faith in the universe. Don’t let the economic downturn to stop you in your tracks financially. Focus your path due north. Focus on recovery and a vision of a better future. Do not engage in fear. Be upbeat even in a down market. Find ways to create relief for yourself and those that you serve. Now is the time to invest in yourself. See this as an opportunity to do good deeds and make selfless overtures to others. Make yourself indispensible. Focus on creating a positive energy that resonates. The world will recognize you for it.      
  4. “I don’t know how to deliver the right image.” George Bernard Shaw once said, “Words are only postage stamps delivering the object for you to unwrap.” You need to find the right “postage stamp” to deliver your intended message. Discover the right ingredients to creating the perfect message that appeal to your audience’s senses. It’s all about including the right choice of words and images to convey the right brand image and personality. It’s about finding your own “postage stamp” that you can deliver your message. Let them unwrap the right message by cooking up the right image with the right words. Remember to invest in words that will earn their worth. Create a “postage stamp” that make a lasting good impression or even become a great collector’s item.
  5. “People are misreading my brand image.” If you don’t clearly communicate your brand image, how would people know what they perceive is what you actually selling them on (whether it’s a product or service)? Take the time and patience to invest in creating and communicating the right image.

The bottom-line. Have the confidence and belief that you can create and direct the right flow of energy toward manifesting and knowingly creating the future. By focusing on the positives, you’ll able to restore people’s confidence in the future and help the healing process. The right mindset can motivate you and others to take actions that can produce unlimited potentials. See the world as an opportunity regardless of the current state. Project positive energy, and your customers will associate your company or brand as a force for good in the world.

Have you conquered these types of hindering mindsets or adopted positive mindsets? Or, do you know someone who had and became a better person as a result? I’d like to hear from you.

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