Branding: Top 4 Brand Images to Emulate

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Does your company have a brand personality? When your customers hear your company name or think about your brand, do they associate it with a personality, giving it human qualities? I’d like you to think of traits that you want to be associated with or known to have.

Here are some examples of positive traits that you would want to convey to the world.

  1. Brand A– Humility

    I am friendly and unpretentious. I love spending quality time with family and friends. I’m honest. I am principled and will step up to do the right thing. I take great pleasure in serving people at every stage of their lives. They come to me to help them out with whatever they need. I am proud to lend a helping hand and can be found contributing to the community. I work toward abundance for all. I have a sense of integrity and fair play. I am human and practical in my approach. I am selfless. I always try to do the right thing and not afraid to be accountable for my actions. I am a force for good in the world.

  2. Brand B – Live for today

    I am imaginative and creative with what I can do with what I have. I live life to the fullest. I live for the moment. Everything amazing and great is a possibility in my life. I am committed to meaningful relationships. I strive for new experiences, lessons, and knowledge. I believe life is a journey to be lived and enjoyed, and I invite people to come with me as they are and show their true self. I also believe that life is more about the discovery when it’s shared with others. I project positive energy into the world. I trust the Universe to always have my back and give me whatever I need whenever I need it at the right time and at the right place. I aim to leave this world better than I was with my lasting footprints.
  3. Brand C – Focused

    I believe if I’m going to do things, I should do them right the first time. I set high standards for myself, and have an undeniable drive to meet them. I’m disciplined in my rational thinking and sense of vitality. I’m prepared to face any roadblocks. I thrive under harsh circumstances. I’m stable, secure, and optimistic in times like this. I have no doubts in my confidence to conquer a challenge. I’m transmitting all negative energy to positive energy. I have a curious mindset with a thirst for knowledge. I am always looking to get consistently better at my craft. I feel ready to meet the demands of the future.
  4. Brand D – Resilient

    I have a strong vision for success, consciously creating a vital future for all. I am an independent leader with a unwavering desire to achieve greatness. I don’t follow the expected course; I follow my own course with the confidence that it will lead me in the right path and the determination to remain relentlessly resilient even amidst detours. I am expanding in every way and every moment. I’m bold, courageous, and ambitious. I adopt and adhere to unconventional approaches. I believe in order to break new ground and accomplish what was once impossible or had never been done before, I have to take risks. In face of unprecedented challenges, I don’t operate in survival mode; I reignite any stalled engine to gain a competitive thrust. My spontaneity constantly challenged me to embrace new adventures. I have an undeniable passion to make a dramatic statement. I am also social, and people respect me for my sense of adventure and my ability to thrive under dire circumstances.

How would you and your company or brand like to be seen as? Do you want to be seen as a brand with common sense, wisdom, and authenticity, transcending ego and pettiness? Brand A conveys a sense of growth and sharing while earning people’s trust and respect. If you want to be seen as a brand with “I’m there in the moment” while connecting with others, then Brand B is a modern brand to emulate. If you’re more into getting a sense of clarity and alignment with more focus on personal vision, then Brand C will be ideal. If you’re aiming to be empowered with boundless energy, fuelled by a real desire to conquer the path less taken, then Brand D will fulfill your impersonal curiosity for experimentation and exploration. You may find yourself or your brand to have traits from a combination of these four brands depending on your vision. You do want to present your brand in a way that truly reflects who you are and what you do. Live and breathe your value and worth. Do so with passion and a sense of knowing.

Here’s an exercise to help you get started and on your way to creating a brand image that’s worthy of positive attention.

  1. Think top companies
    Pick one or more well-known companies, past or present, that had shown great growth and were successful in their respective field. Imagine that they come to life as a person. Think about the brands and all their traits, actions, and personality. What personality traits do they convey to you and to the world? Emulate the positives. What actions are they taking to convey those traits? As a result of those actions, what image are they projecting?
  2. Consider your brand DNA
    Think about your brand image. Do you have the right traits and personalities? Make them apart of your brand DNA. You need to care about your brand so that others can care about it as much as you do.
  3. Think downgraded companies
    Think of companies that destroyed their brands with bad leadership, bad decisions, and dire moves. What can you learn from Enron and WorldCom?
  4. Think people are brands too.
    To the customers, your brand and people who represent it are one in the same. Customers do not distinguish between an advertisement and a rude employee. Your people’s behaviors and actions are a reflection on your brand.
  5.  Think like your customers
    Create a brand that’s consistent with your customer’s idea of self, self-identity, and beliefs. Customers want a brand that they can make it theirs. Be authentic. Be real. Be human.
  6. Think positively
    I’ll leave you with this thought: “Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture… Do not build up obstacles in your imagination.” – Norman Vincent Peale

In a related article, I’d like to augment this idea of positive thinking by talking about having the right mental mindset and breaking down the mental fences to convey your brand image the way you want others to see.

What’s your brand personality? I’d like to hear from you.

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