Calgary Flood Aftermath Photos #yycflood #CalgaryFlood (Part 1 Photos)

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Roxboro Elbow River Bridge - Calgary Flood - High Water level - Debris downtown Calgary

Calgary’s Downtown core especially 4th Street SW near the Elbow River was one of the most affected areas of the flood. Officials predicted that it would likely be without power for days to come. Officials also reported that the Bow River and Elbow River would likely recede over the next 48 hours. Power outages continue in Calgary, Alberta Canada after the devastating flood that startedThursday evening. Officials reported 65,000 residents could start returning to their homes to see the heartbreaking damage this flood had left behind. Water damage and debris cover the streets that were under water a day ago. This downtown core is slowly starting to function although much of the affected areas are still without power. Local businesses along 4th Street SW in Calgary’s Downtown core were hit the hardest by the devastation.

It’s an eerie feeling walking through the debris in the Calgary community of Roxboro which borders along the Elbow River where restoration crews will be working through the night to pump water from flooded houses and businesses. The authorities, fire department and cleanup crews are doing an absolutely amazing job. Calgarians showed their city spirit offering help to those affected. This will definitely take weeks to months to restore some of the damages as local businesses try to pump out the water from inside their establishments. I too was evacuated and our Calgary Broadwave office flooded. Thankfully, we can still operate as we have a US location but other local businesses aren’t as fortunate as they are forced to close due to the cleanup which will last for weeks to come. Our thoughts and prayers are with individuals, families, and businesses displaced by this disaster just as they are with the victims of such terrible tragedy. We’re praying for a speedy recovery as humanly possible.

Some of the local establishments were kind enough to let me in to get up close and personal with the aftermath of this terrible event. I was able to take some photos below of the Calgary, Alberta Canada flood after the water has receded to give readers an idea of the devastation. Take a look at how huge this disaster was. It’s touching a lot people and businesses. #yyc #yycflood #Calgaryflood #CalgaryFloodPhotos (all photos have been reduced for blog – if you would like full resolution photos for media distribution please contact us) All Photos Copyright Broadwave Agency All rights reserved.

Calgary Flood Photo - Lafarge Truck Under Water

Lafarge Truck Under Water South Deerfoot Trail and Southland Drive

Calgary Lafarge Deerfoot Trail and Southland Flooded Vehicles

Raging Waters – Calgary Lafarge Deerfoot Trail and Southland Flooded Vehicle Fleet

Exmax Power Station during Calgary Flood

Enmax Power Station almost submersed during Calgary Flood

Wurst Pub after Calgary Flood

Outside shot of the stylish exterior of Wurst Pub after the flood


Flooded Stairwell of Wurst Pub in Calgary - flood Aftermath

This flooded stariwell leads to the kitchen below in ruins.


Calgary Flood - Wurst Pub flooded 4th Street Mission Area

Calgary Flood – What used to be a seating area and kitchen is now floating debris and muddy water.

Calgary Flood Wurst Pub 4th Street downtown

This eerie shot shows some more debris floating kitchen items and muddy water @ 4th Street SW Wurst Pub Calgary Flood

Calgary Flood, Mission Wurst Pub downtown Calgary Flood Aftermath, Flood Update photos

Flood damages and floating debris in the lower level of Wurst Pub leaving the kitchen completely submersed under muddy water.


Calgary Flood Aftermath, Wurst Pub Downtown Mission, Calgary Downtown Flood

Disturbing Contrast between flooded lower level and untouched upper level – Wurst Pub – Calgary Flood Aftermath

Roxboro Elbow River Bridge - Calgary Flood - High Water level - Debris downtown Calgary

A local man looks on at the Elbow River – bridge to Roxboro Community Aftermath


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