Creating Website Wealth from Pure Passion

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Is there a certain web project, website or idea that you constantly think about or, are addicted to?  It may be an invention, a couple of Artist renderings, a business plan, and a non-profit or just plain obsession with success.  Now whatever the project, idea or proposal is, I bet that it is the key to your wealth.  You have wealth inside your head that is just waiting to come out.  It’s just about tapping into that oasis inside you.  The reality is there is a reason that that idea is gnawing at you.

This exact experience happened to a young entrepreneur who was Addicted to Success.  In fact he was so addicted he built a blog around it to inspire himself.  The decision to share his content was the right one, quickly becoming his wealth-ticket today.  Are you Addicted2Success?

Joel Brown is.  Young Entrepreneur, professional blogger, website Extraordinaire and Founder of Addicted to Success began by simply personalizing content he found online that appealed to him.  After sometime he thought he’d share it with his friends on Facebook & Twitter.  It became an instant success, being shared and retweeted over and over again.  A year and a half later he has close to 300,000 twitter followers and close to 30,000 Likes.  Obviously, Joel Brown is doing something right.

@Addictd2Success has everything you need to become successful.  There are tips on finance, wealth, writing, self-help, motivation, entrepreneurship, business, and more.  Not only that.  The site is filled with awesome graphics and videos that draw you in to take a second look.  It is addicting, but in a good way.  I suggest you make it part of your everyday reading.

This entrepreneur started as a young IT Professional who decide to follow a strong nagging addiction he had to success.  He didn’t want to live a mediocre lifestyle.  Basically, he wanted luxury and anything the world could offer him.  So he started by inspiring himself, which led to inspiring a whole lot others in the process.

You see the hardest thing to achieving your wealth is that we are often distracted by other people’s wealth or rise to success.  We get side tracked and think we have to follow the other person’s journey.  The truth is the road to success is not something you have to go out and find or attain.  Better yet it is right inside your brain so it can’t be take away from you.  Your mind holds the key to your wealthy place.

Joel Brown’s story is an amazing story and truly inspiring.  I know it inspired me to continue to follow my own dreams and passions to make them into a reality.  What is nagging at you?  What idea do you think about everyday that you just can’t get off your mind?  Check out his website and get inspired.

Photo Courtesy of Addicted to Success

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