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Exposure for a leader in prepaid mobile phones/plans meant precise Organic SEO  synchronized with social media, online ad channels which resulted in increased conversions, top keyword rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN . The cellular arena is one of the most competitive arenas on search engines which required precise recommendations and every detail accounted for. Each strategy was carefully thought out and implemented knowing we had to climb keyword phrases to the top of page 1 among cellular giants that had been ranking top of page 1 for years.

The challenge for the new site build was to ensure this brand had menu systems that were crawlable for search engine bots and all of the HTML coding was clean as well as thorough keyword research and placement around the site’s structure. Our SEO team comprised of top SEO experts around the globe went to work creating the game plan for this task.

Then, a content matrix was created to ensure accuracy while every page received the proper amount of SEO research, strategy, planning, design requirements, HTML requirements and menu structure requirements to ensure this

Broadwave worked with the design and development teams taking a careful, methodical approach to keyword research and placement. After we had completed our site structure strategy and implementation, we synchronized all Organic SEO efforts with social, blog and online ad channels. Critical SEO techniques were implemented for current rankings and to make room for our target pages for keyword ranking.

The result was the complex algorithm of the search engines rewarded our efforts with increased conversions and ranking top of page 1 for top industry high converting keyword phrases for this brand.