Analytics & Measurement

Know the Measure of Your Marketing Efforts

As online channels evolve beyond traditional desktop interactions, we evolve your Brand’s analytics needs to include measurements for mobile, social, video, search, and advertising networks. We work with powerful web analytics products to consolidate customer interactions across all online channels all in one place. Brands now have the ability to form action plans and adjust business goals from data conclusions and in-depth analysis of consumer interactions across growing multi-channel platforms. Now brands can effectively align business goals with the right analytics and measurement tools.

Analize Consumer Behavior to Increase Conversions

Analyzing consumer motivations and behaviors do determine why, when, how your consumers buy is understanding the data behind the research and comparitive data. We work with Brands to uncover the reasons why a consumer is within reach and how to interact with them more effectively while examining the data and path length to learn the number of interactions before a conversion or sale.

Consumers can be analyized along multi-channel facets uncovering how these channels work together in synch and what channels are working effectively. Analytics that we integrate into the projects we develop allow us not to miss important insights about how to reach your most valuable customers. We can even see reporting that shows what channels consumers interacted with your Brand within the last 30 days before a conversion or purchased was achieved. Uncovering what keyword placements or ad placements convert at the highest level allows us to budget more effectively for Brands moving forward.

These tools will help your Brand make crucial marketing decisions for advertising budgets at all levels while we analyze the data for your brand. Uncovering the knowledge of each door(channel/keyword/ad) a consumer unlocks to look further into your Brand and what path or channel they utilized before conversion.

Mobile Analytics

Measure your app usage as though it were a website

We dig even further to the impact of your Brand’s mobile initiatives. We help brands measure mobile websites, mobile apps, mobile games and visits from internet enabled mobile devices such as smartphones or basic mobile capable phones. You will gain a comprehensive understanding into your brand’s performance online with measuring ad paths that consumers chose to use your app/game and gauge whether they prefer ads on desktop or mobile devices. For a web that is everywhere we work with Brands for professional measurement and understanding the psychology behind conversions.

Measure usage of your app as if it were a website. The Google Analytics Mobile Apps SDKs make it easy to measure success of your mobile apps. You can download the SDKs for both the Android and iOS application platforms. For Android, you can measure from click, to the Android Market to a download. It’s a simple way to understand which campaigns work.