Mobile & Apps

Developing for a Web at Everyone’s Fingertips

Mobile Application iPad, iPhone, Android Apps UX and Design

Imagine a world with all of the benefits of technology without complexities. Where people don’t think about the technology they work and play with, they just use it, effortlessly. We create designs that are so well thought out that they become a “habitual need” while the device becomes “invisible”.  Ultimately, the experience on the pane of glass fits seamlessly offering solutions in people’s lives. This is what Broadwave delivers.

Additionally, we strategize for simplistic application interface design while encompassing our research of your audience that translates into an engaging, uncomplicated user experience. Your app will become seamlessly integrated into your customer’s lives while they utilize the app to solve a critical need they never knew they had.

Mobile App Development: Build, Deploy and Manage

The real impact of mobile will not come from stand-alone apps or by using mobile as a way to access your website. To compete to win, you need apps that are connected to your business architecture and IT infrastructure. Apps that unleash the reach of mobile—more than seven billion devices that are always on, always connected—and tap into mobile’s singular capabilities.

Broadwave’s solutions are enterprise class. Our apps and mobile apps are designed and built to be reliable, maintainable, securable, scalable customized to fully drive your business and project initiatives.

We aren’t hitched to any platform. Meaning, we are flexible and work with most platforms and devices if you prefer us to. We develop apps for Android, IOS, in HTML5, on tablets, iPads and smartphones. We build mobile websites for all sizes of devices.

Tablets – iOS and Google OS (Android) App Development

Apple iOS is the native mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The iOS SDK was released in 2008 and it allowed applications for these devices to be developed by creative studios and development companies. We have endless ideas for iOS apps to boost your sales, engagement or tell a more profound story for your Brand. If you can dream it, We can make it – always an app for that! Apple’s iOS platform is a mixture of Objective-C 2.0, C, and C++. Originally coined iPhone OS, which doesn’t work so well with iPod Touch’s and iPads the platform is now named iOS. Broadwave loves designing and developing Android and iOS apps that run on Android and iOS devices placing your company right under your target audience’s fingertips.