Social Media

Manage your Brand Effectively on the Social web

The Key to Social success is cross platform synchronization and individuality. Here are some of the strategies we implement.

Professional social content fuels the conversation between brand, consumer and community. Our social content experts understand the balance between simple chirping, chatter or strategic conversations that gain loyalty, sales and advocates. We kick start brand buzz utilizing videos, promos, ads, apps, games, Internet exclusives and offline executions.

Scalability of Fan engagement

Broadwave’s team is carefully selected from real people and highly trained social media experts who understand your brand and vision, and have the ability to manage your online community. Our strategic deployment and goal is to increase your company’s engagement and create brand awareness and loyalty. This means we optimize social strategies and work with your community to ensure fans, people, and customers enjoy doing business with your company.

Social Understanding

Social media is new and businesses are constantly experimenting online. We perform an in-depth analysis of your company practices, marketing, and overall brand goals. We then create a synchronized strategy and execution plan for your social media success providing full integration of social media into your existing communications while absorbing crucial data with essential tracking tools.

Social Profiles

We design and optimize your profiles such as company blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, Youtube, or any channels you need to utilize and challenge your target audiences and achieve maximum shareability. We strategize, and create exciting content, offers, conversion apps, and monitor data with reporting.

Discovery and Research

Our team is very resourceful at creating exciting content for circulation to your target audience at all times. We stay on top of brand mentions, messages, posts, complaints, questions and any other interaction on a daily basis. Our team of pro’s assure positive mentions are amplified and built upon while negative mentions are responded to fast and turned to your advantage.

Creative – Interesting – Exciting – Synchronized – Content

Around the clock 24/7 – 365 deployment while targeting your social audience. Engagement is key to gain loyalty, awareness, and fans while providing consistent value with topics that appeal to your target audience. We work with your team to create messaging strategies, interaction strategies, social calendars, engagement opportunities and creative campaigns.

Stream Management

Relevant engagement for your target audience and daily stream management during peak and non peak times, we post, monitor and respond while get gaining traction in social communities’ ultimately converting consumers into Brand advocates.

Finding your “voice” for your industry and implementing a strategy and social media schedule for best results.

Offline Strategy

You won’t receive the results you expect if you only focus on Social Media. It is essential to synchronize all channels so they fire on all cylinders.

We synchronize your offline campaigns and strategies with your online initiatives. By identifying your best brand supporters, we create a formal program to assist these fans with consistent activity while tracking their communications, impact and progress.

Facebook Development

Broadwave has been helping brands tap into Facebook while creating custom contests, video players, sweepstakes, and promotions. We continue to design and develop high quality, custom Facebook solutions in the form of pages, applications, and facebook connect integrations for top brands.

We use offsite strategies to build buzz, stir the pot on social content, and gain loyalty for your brand. We penetrate communities, create new fans, and track communication metrics.


Our pros have the essential skills to Blog correctly not violating any of Google’s webmaster guidelines. (Yes we have had clients get kicked off Google overnight due to blogging that was considered ‘spam’) We will either coach a Champion in your organization to be the go to contact.

We can teach them how to blog and/or submit articles to us for circulation around key Internet channels. We reach out to relevant bloggers and online influencers in your industry to communicate your message, create and deliver custom promotions, introduce new product releases, analyze metrics while socializing and creating a buzz.

Social Strategies and Micro Sites

We strategize, design and develop a Hub for all of your social channels once you have traction. This helps us streamline social interaction and track crucial data.

Working closely with online and offline social strategies we continually monitor conversations, traffic and conversions. We synchronize channels and micro sites to communicate your message, create and deliver custom promotions, introduce new product releases, analyze metrics while socializing and creating a buzz.


Facebook Ads or PPC Targeting using the hyper-targeting interest-based capabilities of Facebook’s network and other platforms, we go well beyond your broad target demographic. Carefully calculated KWR (keyword research) we custom design, manage your social ads, and provide you with in depth reporting.

We work with your Brand to uncover the reasons why a consumer is within reach and how to interact with them more effectively while examining the data and path length to learn the number of interactions before a conversion or sale.


One of the advantages of Broadwave is we educate and teach you and your staff how to integrate social media and word of mouth marketing into all that your organization does.

We will coach your social teams on the latest trends and how to influence your followers while building your network. We teach strategies to implement and a strategy calendar so your team is ready to deliver interesting buzz for upcoming events