Technology Development

It’s ok if you don’t get it, we do

Broadwave is comprised of talented programmers, software engineers, graphic designers and Internet marketers across all platforms, specializing in all CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, CMSMS, ExpressEngine, Drupal, and various ECommerce platforms to name a few.

We Love to Geek out

Our processes to ensure a successful technological project we must plan and adapt according to short and long-term technological needs of our clients. What makes us so successful is our flexibility when requirements change and we have anticipated accommodating these changes. Consistent coding practices and platform understandings is our metric for success. For solid Backend and Database Solutions we utilize technologies such as PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Apache, and Amazon Web Services technologies.

Always Current in the latest Coding Languages:

PHP – we’ve been using this near exclusively as our primary language since 2003
SQL – we are experts in all facets, having used it since 1997
JavaScript – we’ve used this since 2003
XML – we’ve used this since 2003
AJAX (XML and JavaScript) – we’ve used the foundational elements since 2003
Apache (LAMP stack development) – we’ve supported servers, clients, custom-built systems, and more since 2001
Amazon Web Services – we’ve used this since 2006
Supporting Web Languages (CSS, HTML, etc) – we’ve been using most of these since they were created

Planning for Technological Requirements is Essential.

Our experts during our process will anticipate growth and future needs recommending technological platforms that best support your business needs. We cover critical element for UI and UX maintaining consistency for our technological delivery.

Our technical team continually tests the boundaries of frequent technological challenges to deliver scalable solutions. Our ability for identifying backend weaknesses and clarifying strengths for robust architectures has made Broadwave a recognized leader in revolutionary backend technologies.

The Power is in our People

Broadwave’s technical team has grown. We have hired exceptional people, and we’ve helped people become exceptional in specific areas while ensuring they have the abilities to think critically, communicate accurately and consistently, and understand programming’s fundamentals at an expert level. We hire humble website and software developers who have a passion to code, communicate, and understand the importance of delivering World Class Solutions.