Calgary Flood Aftermath Photos #yycflood #CalgaryFlood (Part 2 Photos)

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Shot of Elbow park bridge to Roxboro - the river levels are at a maximum still.

A few blocks from our Calgary office, the Roxboro Community was hit hard and most of it completely submersed by the raging waters of the Calgary Flood. It’s an eerie feeling walking through the debris in the Calgary community of Roxboro which borders along the Elbow River where restoration crews will be working through the […]

Calgary Flood Aftermath Photos #yycflood #CalgaryFlood (Part 1 Photos)

Topics: Business, Culture, Events, Perseverance By: Gregg Jaden
Roxboro Elbow River Bridge - Calgary Flood - High Water level - Debris downtown Calgary

Calgary’s Downtown core especially 4th Street SW near the Elbow River was one of the most affected areas of the flood. Officials predicted that it would likely be without power for days to come. Officials also reported that the Bow River and Elbow River would likely recede over the next 48 hours. Power outages continue […]