Key Questions to Ask Stakeholders for Big Data/BI Reporting Initiatives

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Big Data |Key Concepts in Data Analytics – Key Questions to Ask Stakeholders for Big Data/BI Reporting Initiatives Data, metrics, trends, information, dashboards, sales, leads, opportunities, and business decisions – do these words pique your interest? Throughout my career in the business analysis and business intelligence arena, I’ve helped the business make informed decisions through […]

Social Media and Branding: Top 9 Tips to Let Your Online Visibility Do the Selling for You

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Do you have an online presence that’s all heart? That is, does your marketing campaign appeal to people’s emotions and relate to their current needs? It’s your humanness that sells…

Top 9 Investments Your Company Should Make

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Why are investments so important? They are what drive your goals to reality. Determine what investments make sense for your business and monitor them to ensure that they still meet your business needs and financial goals. Investing in your company is the most important investment you can make. Know how to use these investments to […]