Mobile Strategy | 9 Essentials to Building an Engaging Branded Mobile Site

Topics: Advertising, App Development, Branding, Business, Creative, Design, Ideas, Innovation, Marketing, Mobile, Sales, Strategy, Technology, Web Design By: Jackie Ta

Imagine that you have a great mobile vision for your product and services; so do your competitors. How can you perform just as well as your competitors and even outperform them in sales and consumer engagements? Do you know what it takes to succeed on execution of your mobile vision? Don’t be one of those […]

Mobile: 7 Mobile Advertising Must-Do’s for Great User Experience

Topics: Advertising, App Development, Branding, Business, Marketing, Mobile, Sales, Strategy By: Jackie Ta

Increasing in mobile usage has put mobile at the forefront of a cultural shift to a new way of thinking for marketers and brands. Mobile advertising does not, and cannot, fit into the traditional marketing mindset. This shift inspires brands to think differently, ignite new ideas, and translate them into a winning and clickable advertisement. […]