Mobile Strategy | 9 Essentials to Building an Engaging Branded Mobile Site

Topics: Advertising, App Development, Branding, Business, Creative, Design, Ideas, Innovation, Marketing, Mobile, Sales, Strategy, Technology, Web Design By: Jackie Ta

Imagine that you have a great mobile vision for your product and services; so do your competitors. How can you perform just as well as your competitors and even outperform them in sales and consumer engagements? Do you know what it takes to succeed on execution of your mobile vision? Don’t be one of those […]

Mobile and Sociability: 8 Innovative Ways to Mobile Branding While Connecting with Consumers

Topics: Advertising, App Development, Branding, Business, Culture, Design, Ideas, Innovation, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Mobile, Social Media, Strategy, Technology By: Jackie Ta

Mobile devices are rapidly changing the media industry. Consumers are more demanding, vocal, socially active, expecting on-demand information, customized user experiences, and mobile apps that entertain them, enhance their daily routine, and connect them.  All of these expectations exist because they now have the means to voice their opinions, share their ideas and daily happenings, […]