Social Media |12 Tips for Using Pinterest for Brand Engagement

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Do you know how to use Pinterest to build and increase awareness, fuel viral sharing, acquire customer information, and reward customers and prospects while organically growing your customer base? With the growth of Pinterest’s popularity over the last year, brands are taking notice and action by being part of the curation. If your brand is […]

8 Essential Techniques to Become a Professional Sales Guru

Topics: Achievement, Advertising, Branding, Business, Creative, Ideas, Inspiration, Marketing, Motivation, Sales By: Gregg Jaden

Have you ever wanted something from someone? Do you know what to say or do to get it? Everyone can get frustrated with the sales process – you, your customer, your prospects, and even onlookers. The key to success is to learn from people who have mastered sales and apply those lessons to your sales […]

Social Media and Branding: Top 9 Tips to Let Your Online Visibility Do the Selling for You

Topics: Advertising, Branding, Business, Ideas, Innovation, Inspiration, Leadership, Marketing, Motivation, Sales, Social Media, Strategy By: Jackie Ta

Do you have an online presence that’s all heart? That is, does your marketing campaign appeal to people’s emotions and relate to their current needs? It’s your humanness that sells…