My Starbucks Rewards™ Creditability Challenged, Affecting Customer Experience

Topics: Advertising, Branding, Business, Culture, Events, Leadership, Marketing, Motivation, Sales, Social Media, Strategy By: Jackie Ta

Do you know how your brand can create a differentiated offering and positively impact the perception of your loyalty program? The CEO of Starbucks recently went on CNBC to reveal Starbucks’ 5-year plan which will include improving customer experience. Apparently, their aim is to increase customer loyalty, customer retention, and customer acquisition. Let’s take a […]

My Starbucks Reward™ and Customer Loyalty – 9 Tips to Positive Reinforcement

Topics: Advertising, Branding, Business, Culture, Events, Ideas, Leadership, Marketing, Motivation, Sales, Strategy By: Gregg Jaden

Do you know that there are many factors that can degrade the health of your customer loyalty program and negatively impact customer experience and loyalty? Your email marketing campaign can also make or break your brand image. An example of this is delivering content at the wrong time during customer’s buying decision or sending a […]