New Screenwriting Technology Can Create Storyboards ForScripts

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It’s been a long time since screenwriting has relied on the typewriter. In fact, you often hear through the Hollywood grapevine that no one will even look at your script if you’re not using the right software, whether it’s Final Draft or Script Magic. For years I’ve contributed for several screenwriting publications, and I’ve often […]

My Starbucks Rewards™ Creditability Challenged, Affecting Customer Experience

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Do you know how your brand can create a differentiated offering and positively impact the perception of your loyalty program? The CEO of Starbucks recently went on CNBC to reveal Starbucks’ 5-year plan which will include improving customer experience. Apparently, their aim is to increase customer loyalty, customer retention, and customer acquisition. Let’s take a […]

My Starbucks Reward™ and Customer Loyalty – 9 Tips to Positive Reinforcement

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Do you know that there are many factors that can degrade the health of your customer loyalty program and negatively impact customer experience and loyalty? Your email marketing campaign can also make or break your brand image. An example of this is delivering content at the wrong time during customer’s buying decision or sending a […]

The New Evolution of Superhero Costumes

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With Man of Steel grossing a world-wide take of $235 million so far, comic book movies are still going strong, and they’re not going away any time soon. The success of modern day comic book movies shows that the genre has come a long way since the days of, say, the ‘60’s Batman TV show. […]

Will JJ Abrams Carry on Rod Serling’s Legacy?

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We didn’t have the term “show runner” back in the day, but Rod Serling was absolutely one of the first. The Twilight Zone was his baby, and everybody knew he wasn’t just the host, but the key creative force behind it. So now that the news has come, via the Hollywood Reporter, that JJ Abrams […]

Calgary Flood Aftermath Photos #yycflood #CalgaryFlood (Part 2 Photos)

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A few blocks from our Calgary office, the Roxboro Community was hit hard and most of it completely submersed by the raging waters of the Calgary Flood. It’s an eerie feeling walking through the debris in the Calgary community of Roxboro which borders along the Elbow River where restoration crews will be working through the […]

Calgary Flood Aftermath Photos #yycflood #CalgaryFlood (Part 1 Photos)

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Calgary’s Downtown core especially 4th Street SW near the Elbow River was one of the most affected areas of the flood. Officials predicted that it would likely be without power for days to come. Officials also reported that the Bow River and Elbow River would likely recede over the next 48 hours. Power outages continue […]

7 Encouraging Ways to Deal with Difficult Personalities

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Have you ever felt the pulse beating, face-flushing, word-sputtering frustration and bewilderment of having to deal with egotistical, belligerent, hardcore bully? What about the frustration of dealing with negative Ned or Nancy? People pleaser?  Bad, incompetent bosses?  We all have to deal with these types of personalities (some more than others, unfortunately), and at times, […]

Game Apps Development | 14 Essentials for Building Your App Brand

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What do apps such as Angry Birds, Where’s My Water, Cut the Rope, and Fruit Ninja have in common and why are they so popular? They offer compelling game plays through easy to understand and fun to interact through an entertaining design. They set the bar for the way app games should be – simple […]

Marketing | 7 Music Essentials to Convey Your Brand’s Story

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The age of digital, social media, and mobile has disrupted the music world giving the entertainment industry massive opportunities to stretch comfortably into cyberspace while ushering in a new era for fans, followers, artists, retailers, and businesses. Do you know what it would take to chart a course through this terrain while connecting your target […]