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This Fitness Health Food provider is a leader in Optimal Nutrition and Total Calorie Control. They needed a responsive web store experience. Broadwave’s task was making the shopping experience easy and fast while providing easy information access to celebrity endorsement videos.

Starting with navigation simplicity and a responsive ‘tablet’ style website design making the homepage experience very modular and inviting. Whether you were looking for information or to order the homepage provided quick access to either representing an hybrid web experience. Building this brand on a state of the art platform featuring robust eCommerce, automated ordering fulfillment and inventory management to serve hungry mobile customers anywhere.

Next,  Broadwave created a custom video channel and Twitter feeds in Facebook timeline with a custom contest and email database for export. Broadwave transformed this website into a fast, secure, easy online shopping experience and celebrity endorsed information center where clients can learn and see endorsements while they shop.

Finally, adding final touches to their marketing plan we created the “Eat Smart Anywhere” campaign to communicate to all target demographics. We then created a custom database integrated with Google Maps that allowed ON Food to upload Personal Trainers, Fitness Centers, and Medical Centers images, bios, location and information descriptions that would automatically ‘pin’ (populate) their location(s) within the map.